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According to Plastic Oceans, a global plastic waste reduction charity, human proliferation of plastic bottle-based products in the last three to four decades have helped to create nearly 300 million tonnes of additional plastic every year – with nearly 50% of this waste being single-use plastic.

The Challenge Explained

This problem is endemic within the beauty and healthcare sector – why you ask? The plastics used to make bottle caps/deodorant release systems are predominantly single-use and as such cannot be recycled through mainstream kerbside methods. However, there are plastic free alternatives that can provide, for example, eco friendly soap and shampoo, eco friendly toothpaste, cruelty free mouthwash among other products – with sustainable online retailers like Porter Valley providing customers with eco friendly sustainable goods.

Beauty Kubes – Eco Friendly Shampoo

One such natural shampoo product is the award-winning Beauty Kubes Shampoo bars which provides a plastic free shampoo experience for normal, oily, or dry hair. Beauty Kubes are infused with rose extract, coconut milk and pro-Vitamin B5 along with a host of other beneficial vitamins, seed oils and essential oils.

The Beauty Kubes box, 100% recyclable, is packed with 27 Kubes bars that provide a plastic-free shampoo experience. These vegan soap bars are sulphates and silicone free.

Beauty Kubes highlight a growing popularity for natural shampoo bars as an alternative to plastic bottles that are littering the worlds oceans and polluting global landfill sites. Beauty Kubes are cruelty free soap bars that provide sustainable health and beauty solutions for people conscious of their carbon footprint.

Ku-tis Deodorant – Organic Deodorant

Ku-tis natural deodorant is an organic, vegan friendly, deodorant that comes packaged in a 55g recyclable carboard dispenser. The main problem with traditional deodorants is that they are housed in predominantly single-use plastic mechanisms – just look at most deodorant brands and how the deodorant is dispensed. These plastic-based systems are not recyclable at the normal kerbside. This is why Ku-tis is such a revolutionary product – and we haven’t got to how it smells and its other benefits.

Ku-tis is made from natural ingredients – with bee and sunflower wax used to create the physical base of the product which is then accentuated with arrowroot power, coconut oil and handmade.

This Welsh-made product is created in rural Wales by hand and as such using locally sourced natural ingredients this plastic free deodorant is 100% sustainable and 100% recyclable.

Brushd – Eco Friendly Dental Care

Brushd is a unique new brand within the fast-growing eco friendly personal dental care field. Brushd are the purveyors of eco friendly toothbrushes, eco dental floss and eco friendly dental products.

Brushd Dental Fresh Mint Toothpaste Tablets are a unique and eco friendly alternative to single use plastic toothpaste dispensers. Brushd have formulated a toothpaste tablet product that doesn’t compromise your oral health whilst providing a natural and completely eco friendly alternative – the tablets are packaged in a glass jar which means you can reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your waste.

Brushd also have created a natural bamboo toothbrush which is a great sustainable toothbrush alternative. The use of bamboo, a strong and sustainable material with enhanced natural antibacterial properties, means you can remove the bristles and compost the bamboo toothbrush handle. This means you can reduce your carbon footprint by recycling and composting your organic toothbrush.

Marsh Valley - Handmade Natural Goats Milk Soap

Smooth, silky and  luxurious are just a few ways we would describe the Marsh Valley soap, handmade in the Loxley Valley South Yorkshire the creation of these soaps is something really special. The packaging material is made from natureflex which is a compostable film made from wood pulp and is biodegradable and suitable for home composting. This packaging makes the natural soap zero waste and great for the environment, but enough about the packing what we really love are the super cute goats running free in the field basking in the sunshine.

The handmade goats milk soap is made using the cold press method and is perfect for soothing skin irritation and has great moisturising properties. 


Helping Consumers Stay Beautiful Whilst Reducing Their Carbon Footprints

Sustainable soaps, shampoos and deodorants, like Beauty Kubes, natural deodorants, like Ku-tis and natural goats milk soaps, can help turn the tide on a growing climate crisis by allowing individuals to change their habits whilst refusing to lower their standards.

Porter Valley is a e-tailer with a key sustainable difference – we focus on selling the highest quality, eco-friendly, health, beauty and homecare goods all of which means you can help tackle the global sustainability challenge, fight climate change and drive eco-friendly sustainable consumer behavioural change without lowering your beauty and homecare regime standards.


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