What You Should Know about World Earth Hour 2021

Over recent years, we have all become increasingly aware of our impact on the world around us – perhaps, no time more so than over the past year. The effect of climate change and damage to natural environments is now being more recognised, as we can see first-hand how our collective actions have played a role.

Here at Porter Valley, we acknowledge that this makes it more important than ever to take positive action – before it’s too late.

What is Earth Hour?

The first Earth Hour was launched in Sydney, Australia back in 2007 with a symbolic ‘lights out’ event. The movement, began by the WWF and its partners, has since grown to be one of the world’s largest grassroots environmental movements. Earth Hour is held on the last Saturday of March every year and is recognised in around 180 territories around the globe, where people show their support by switching off their lights in solidarity.

Over the years, Earth Hour’s lights-out movement has seen whole streets, buildings, landmarks, and even city skylines go dark to draw attention to nature loss and the climate crisis.

However, Earth Hour has become much more than the symbolic ‘lights out’. Since its conception, the movement become a facilitator for positive environmental impact, helping to drive legislative changes around the world. Earth Hour has come to represent the power of the people and collective action in battling environmental problems.

Take Part in Earth Hour 2021!

Our mission at Porter Valley has always been to provide sustainable and plastic free alternatives to fight against the harmful waste produced by our industries. As part of this mission, we recognise the importance of the work done by Earth Hour and other environmental organisations. That’s why, this year, we will be taking part in Earth Hour’s “Virtual Spotlight” – and we invite you to join us.

On Saturday, 27 March, Earth Hour will be posting an unmissable video designed to show us the necessity of acting as soon as possible to have a positive impact on our planet. The video will be shared by Earth Hour through social media, and all we have to do is share it as much as we can.

The aim of the “Virtual Spotlight” is to help those who may not be environmentally conscious to recognise their role in this crisis in a new light and to help build momentum for meaningful change that could come to a head at the United Nations’ Conference on Biodiversity, scheduled for later this year. This conference represents an opportunity to secure an international commitment to protect and restore the natural world by 2030.


As we have begun a new decade, there has never been a better time to address and begin to take the action needed to reverse the damage we have caused to planet Earth. This Earth Hour, we will be sharing this responsibility and helping to spread the word – will you?

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