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In a world where home appliances and accessories are becoming increasingly smart and propped up by technological advances, it can be very easy to select those products which are most suited to an easy and convenient lifestyle – and forget what it means to be eco-friendly. That’s not to say that technology isn’t a friend to the environment; in fact, smart home technology can actually help us to reduce waste and cut down on our energy use, simply by making appliances, heating and lighting solutions easier to control. But what about those more basic product and accessory swaps, which can help us change the way that we use our home on a daily basis?

When it comes to house swaps in particular, one of the most prominent living spaces for any home is the kitchen – the place where food is prepared, where friends and family gather, and where a great selection of appliances and kitchen accessories may be in use at any one time, by making small changes to everyday functions in the kitchen this can have huge affects on the environment, for example choosing an eco friendly washing up liquid which is plastic free, vegan and natural can help reduce chemicals and toxins which poison wildlife and the environment.

An eco-friendly kitchen is one where waste is low, but user satisfaction is high. Our intention is not to swap out regular products for lesser ones – quite the opposite. Creating an environmentally friendly kitchen space can not only help you do your bit for the natural world around you, but can also introduce you to some really great products which could enhance the usability of your kitchen. Natural sponge, eco sponges and eco friendly cloths are all great swaps that can be made simply without costing a fortune 

Eco Friendly Kitchen Cleaners 

Cleaning products are, of course, a must-have in any kitchen. But are your cleaning products harming a lot more than the greasy stains on your counter tops? One of the biggest environmental challenges of chemical-filled cleaning products is that when these chemicals are applied to chopping boards and products over the sink, and when you rinse your cleaning cloth over the sink, these chemicals run down your sinks, through the water system and out into streams and rivers; with the most persistent chemicals entering the food chain and harming animals in a variety of areas. Another example comes from the phosphates found in laundry and dishwasher detergents, which can have a fertilising effect on algae in the water system; ultimately sapping away the oxygen and reducing biodiversity in our waterways.

The change is simple. Most large supermarkets now stock at least one eco-friendly kitchen cleaner product range, with tons of small businesses and independent stores offering up their own solutions to the demand for environmentally friendly cleaning products. Alternatively, you can browse the many solutions available on the internet, which range from using simple hot water for all your cleaning needs, to adding vinegar for surfaces and windows, and using half of a lemon for your crockery and counters. One of our bestselling ranges is the Ocean Saver product range, which we are proud to stock this eco kitchen cleaner is available in a variety of natural fragrances and each one committed to providing a high quality clean across the home while also saving the oceans from unwanted chemical waste. The Kitchen Cleaner refill is particularly popular, with supplemental products including floor cleaner and bathroom cleaner. Part of the Ocean Saver range is a reusable spray bottle which is made from 100% recycled plastic making sustainable cleaning easier that ever. 

Other great cleaning products include the coconut scourers which are made from coconut husks and are compostable they are none scratch which means pots and pans stay in tact when cleaning where some other wire wool products removing protective coatings actually causing damage, they are great at cutting through grease and grime with ease. They can also be used in the bathroom to remove mould and are great on hard surfaces. Loofah sponges which are derived from natural plant fibres are also another eco friendly sponge alternative to regular sponges. This vegan sponge will last months and when it reaches the end of its life, it can be composted. Hand made in Egypt these are biodegradable, recyclable and a great alternative to plastic Scourers.

Ditch the plastic!

From plastic Tupperware to plastic cutlery, the more plastic you have in your kitchen the greater your negative impact on the environment. We keep seeing reports on how the world needs to reduce its plastic usage and waste, but until we do so then the natural world and the habitats around us are going to keep being flooded with unwanted plastic which causes harm to all manner of creatures both great and small.

This is, in fact, an easy change to make – with so many plastic free alternatives available, such as vegan leather lunch bags, bamboo cutlery sets and stainless steel lunchboxes, add that to the overhaul of supermarkets which now encourage shoppers to bring their own bags, and the grocery sections which are cutting out plastic and encouraging customers to bring their own reusable produce bags for fruit and vegetables all these small changes can make a difference to the plastic crisis. 

Eco Laundry Products

Most households will be familiar with popular brands of washing powder and fabric softener which are available in supermarkets which make our clothes smell and feel great, what most people will be unfamiliar about is the impact they have on the environment. An article from Earth Island Journal which says

“Detergents don’t completely biodegrade and they contaminate our water supplies, rivers and oceans with toxic heavy metals like cadmium and arsenic. Studies have shown that phosphates, a common ingredient in detergents, builds up in waterways and lead to eutrophication — big algal blooms that can starve fish and other plant life of oxygen”

Choosing an eco washing powder such as clothes doctor stops water pollution. The clothes doctor range of eco friendly laundry products are vegan, cruelty free and plant derived meaning that have absolutely zero nasty chemicals and what makes the vegan washing liquid even better is that they are packaged in aluminium making them recyclable and have a compostable label.  

Tru Earth biodegradable laundry strips are also another easy swap to make on your eco journey, they are 100% biodegradable, from the packaging right down to the laundry strip itself. Available in fresh linen, fragrance free and also gentle baby. Each strip delivers the right amount of natural detergent to your wash leaving your clothes clean and smelling great. 

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