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How many times have you walked into a health and beauty store, or a supermarket, and found yourself confronted with rows of high end shampoos and soaps which are all packed in plastic bottles, with extra plastic wrap sealing them and even cardboard boxes added for aesthetic effect?

One of the leading problems of the health and beauty industry as is stands is its reliance on plastic packaging, with even the most well-placed brands still utilising non-sustainable materials in order to make sure their products look premium and stand out on the shelves.


What is zero waste soap and shampoo?

For those seeking a natural alternative to the standard shampoo bottles and soap dispensers, our range of soap, shampoo bars and kubes come packaged in recyclable cardboards and paper materials they are also hand made and contain all natural ingredients. When it comes to environmentally friendly soap and zero waste shampoo, it doesn’t get much better than that.

So, how do our range of Beauty Kubes work in particular?

With every Beauty Kubes purchase, whether you opt for the soap, shampoo or both the unique selling point lies in the manufacturing and the way the product is designed. With each product being uniquely into made into single portion cubes, every user is able to utilise the correct amount of produce without dispersing excess and thus creating wasted product; meanwhile the natural energy generated on the production site in Cornwall means that every product not only supports a zero waste lifestyle but is also manufactured on a site that causes no harm to the environment. 

Moving on to the products themselves, with a vast array of different types and user-specific products available across the complete range, we are proud to stock the brand that hasn’t let an eco-friendly end goal get in the way of user choice and personalised product selection. 

What harm does standard shampoo and soap have on the environment?

For most, the idea of plastic free shampoo and eco-friendly soap products rests on the packaging options and the use of biodegradable and recycle materials rather than plastic bottles; however, in order to be environmentally friendly and sustainable, our product selection needs to be even more considered. The fact is that standard shampoos and soaps are doing a lot more harm to the environment than we may think, with many containing toxins and other harmful ingredients which get washed down the drain and infiltrated into the water system every single time we wash our hair or our hands.

These ingredients not only end up in the water supply that we rely on, but are also subsequently impacting animals and marine life which depends on clean water to survive, meaning that the innocent shampoos and soaps on our shelves could well be causing harm both to ourselves and our environment every single time we use them.

Finding a cruelty free and natural alternative is no mean feat – so many brands now use environmental wording, marketing percentages, and even natural green and brown brand colours in order to make the consumer think that what are buying is a friend of nature. However, all we need to do is think about how much shampoo and soap we go through per use, and we immediately see just how harmful these substances can be as they become fed into the water system.

And that’s without considering the plastic that the products themselves come packaged within – with even the best and most expensive brands still relying on single use plastic to contain and present their leading products. We all know about the effect of plastic bottles on the environment:

  • They are not biodegradable and so they get smaller but never completely disintegrate into the Earth.
  • The production of plastic bottles requires fossil fuels which are harmful to the environment as they are non-renewable and pump out harmful greenhouse gases.
  • Plastic pollution is a huge problem for our marine ecosystems and for the animals who think the plastic is food and end up ingesting it.


The solution is of course to use less plastic. Not only should we be looking for products which explore different packaging methods, but we also need to take note of what’s on the label – seeking out those brands which contain as many natural and organic ingredients as possible.

But it can’t all fall down to the consumer. Manufacturers and brands need to take responsibility for the products that they create; after all, if a brand using plastic is cheaper than one which is trying to create a sustainable alternative, a great percentage of consumers will opt for the cheaper end -product with little regard for what the means for the environment. Here are Porter Valley we are committed to providing affordable alternatives for those consumers looking to make sustainable swaps in their home and lifestyle purchases, by stocking and selling products which are as effective as they are environmentally friendly. 

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